Variety: Boyevchanka.
Crop: Soft spring wheat.
Reproduction: 1.
Type of variety: Medium early.
Yield: 53 quintal per hectare.
State register: Included in the state Register for the Ural (9) and West Siberian (10) regions. It is recommended for cultivation in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the Kurgan region and the Southern forest-steppe zone of the Omsk region, as well as in Kazakhstan.

Features of development: The variety belongs to strong wheat, is able to form grain with gluten over 40%, has high baking qualities. It is an insurance grade for late sowing.

Seasonality: Spring.
Growing season: 73-85 days.
Seeding rate: 3-4/million/piece for the regions of Northern Kazakhstan.
Weight of 1000 grains: 30-40 g.
Disease resistance: The variety is moderately resistant to powdery mildew, brown rust and dusty smut in the field. Resistance to lodging is high (5.0 points against 4.3 for the standard).
Use: Food industry.
Sowing dates: May 28-June 5.
Pedigree of the variety: (Saratov 60 x Lutescens 150/86-10) x (Saratov 62xBastian).
Resistance to climatic conditions: In terms of resistance to drought, the new variety is at the level of standards.
Protection Features: Standard.

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