Uralosibirskaya 2

Variety: Uralosibirskaya 2.
Crop: Soft wheat.
Reproduction: Elite / 1 reproduction.
Type of variety: Medium Late.
Yield: Potential yield over 60 quintal per hectare.
State register: The variety is included in the state register in the 13th region (North Kazakhstan region).

Features of development: The variety is medium-late. The study of the Uralosibirskaya variety in the Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry of the SibNIISC Wildebeest showed that the variety is characterized by increased resistance to adverse abiotic environmental factors, in particular to drought. At the same time, the drought resistance of the new variety is significantly higher than that of the Omsk 35 standard. The Uralosibirskaya variety in the field is significantly below the standard affected by powdery mildew (by 2-3 points). The variety is moderately resistant to brown and stem rust. Resistance to lodging is high.

Seasonality: Spring.
Growing season: 78-100 days.
Seeding rate: 3-4 mln/ha.
Weight of 1000 grains: 38-48 g.
Disease resistance: Has high resistance to brown and stem rust.
Use: Bakery (strong wheat).

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