Omsk 36

Variety: Omsk 36.
Crop: Soft wheat.
Reproduction: Elite / 1 reproduction.
Type of variety: Medium early.
Yield: Potential yield over 60 quintal per hectare.
State register: 1, 10, 13 regions.

Features of development: The variety is medium-early. Drought resistance is high. The variety on an infectious background is practically resistant to dusty smut (0.16% vs. 31.1% in Saratov 29), slightly below the standard is affected by powdery mildew (by 1.0 point), the hard smut variety is affected at the standard level. The variety delays the development of brown rust. Resistance to lodging at the level of the Asiev Memory standard.

Seasonality: Spring.
Growing season: 75-86 days.
Seeding rate: 3-4 mln/ha.
Weight of 1000 grains: 40-50 g.
Disease resistance: Resistant to dust smut and leaf pathogens.
Use: Bakery (strong wheat).

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