Pearl of Siberia

Variety: Pearl of Siberia.
Crop: Spring durum wheat.
Reproduction: 1.
Type of variety: Medium-ripe.
Yield: 33.6 q/ha.
State register: The variety has been included to the state register since 2006 for the 9th and 10th regions.

Features of development: The bush is upright. The stem is strong, of medium thickness, the straw is hollow. The leaf is intermediate, the wax coating is strongly pronounced, not pubescent. The ear is cylindrical, color is red, length is 6-8 cm, medium density. Spikelet scales 10-13 mm oval, medium nerve, moderately curved tooth, medium length, shoulder elevated, narrow, strongly pronounced keel.

Growing season: 79-95 days.
Seeding rate: 3-3.5 million/piece.
Weight of 1000 grains: 39-45 g.
Disease resistance: In the field, dusty smut was weakly affected, septoria - medium. It is susceptible to hard smut, brown rust, powdery mildew.
Use: Food industry.
Sowing dates: May 15-16.
Pedigree of the variety: The Pearl of Siberia variety was obtained by the method of intersort hybridization Antey /Leukurum 6959 /3/Almaz // Omsk ruby /4/Svetlana.
Resistance to climatic conditions: Medium drought resistant.
Protection Features: Standard.

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