Shortandinskaya 2012

Variety: Shortandinskaya 2012.
Crop: Soft wheat.
Reproduction: Elite / 1 reproduction.
Type of variety: Medium early.
Yield: Potential yield over 60 quintal per hectare.
State register: 1, 10, 13 regions.

Features of development: A variety of the medium-early type of maturation. The variety is characterized by a slow development of the germination-earing period (40-48 days), rapid filling and maturation in the second half of the growing season (44-52 days). The variety is resistant to drought in all phases of development, which ensures high productivity.

Seasonality: Spring.
Growing season: 84-90 days.
Seeding rate: 3-4 mln/ha.
Weight of 1000 grains: 33-44 g.
Disease resistance: Resistant to dust smut and leaf pathogens.
Use: Bakery (strong wheat).

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